Terms & Conditions

  1. Tariff / Charges for the plans chosen are to be paid in advance and such charges are not refundable as this is a prepaid services.
  2. GST @ 18% is not included in the tariff/ charges and is payable over and above the plan charges.
  3. The Tariff Plans/Offers are subject to Guidelines/Directions/Orders issued by TRAI and/or DoT.
  4. The Company shall reserve the rights to modify/withdraw this T&C including but limited to tariff plans and display the same in its website without notice to the Customer and such posting will be deemed to have been read by the the Customer.
  5. Any one time charges paid to us at the time of installation are non refundable.
  6. Company may extend refund to User only for his first payment in case of no-feasibility for building new connection to requested address.
  7. Online refund may be extended to the User, when the transaction is incomplete, in the sense that the User\'s plan is not renewed, but online payment has been generated.
  8. Any fault in ONU/ROUTER to be replaced by us within 5 working days from the time of raising complaint with us.
  9. Replacement of ONU due to upgrade / downgrade be done by us within 5 working days from the time of raising request with us
  10. Refund to be processed to the bank account provided at the time of registration or to the bank account / wallet linked to the phone number registered with us. No other bank account to be used for refunds. Cash and Cheque not to be used for customer refund.
  11. The speed committed under a plan is till the LAN port. WiFi Speed is subject to customer premises in-house coverage & WIFI Router/customer premises device performance.
  12. By submitting your information and/or contacting us through any medium like phone call, social networking channels, website, etc, you agree to receive any promotional messages, material and be contacted by us.
  13. All mentioned plans are subject to change or discontinuation without prior information.
  14. Not all offered prices are available on renew;
  15. Prices offered by us are subject to location and plans.
  16. Only calls made on the provided number will be accepted. In case you reach out to any other number and get some fraud information, we are not liable.
  17. Every entry must be made through a unique mobile number. Calling from same number more then one time might result in non acceptance of the answer even if it is correct.
  18. If the caller\'s details are found to be inaccurate or false in any way, the caller will be disqualified immediately.
  19. We reserves all the rights to accept or reject any or all entries at their absolute discretion without giving any prior notice and without citing any reason whatsoever.
  20. All the plans are available on basis of monthly advance only.


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